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My Grandmother's Details

I'm not at all alone when I say 2020 was a rough one. Shew... the past year brought a whole new level of challenges, and our world was collectively hurting. The pandemic magnified life's normal problems and pain by 100 and nothing was normal and everything was falling apart (still falling apart? I mean...).

In June 2020 my family lost an amazing woman. Venetia Stamper, my Grammy. Honestly, it was the hardest thing I've ever had to face and process. My whole life I knew I would have to lose her; but the knowing didn't even come close to preparing me for just how paralyzing her loss would be. Grief comes up out of no where and takes my breath. Just the other day I was looking up "Georgetown Eye Care" in my phone to make an appointment... and who's number is also in the "G"s in my contact list? Yup, that stung.

When her things were divided amongst the family I was given a box of her wedding things. Her dress, some pressed flowers, her shoes and my Papaws suit and shoes. I also have a wedding band, and a locket with their photos. So... being a wedding photographer who already obsessed with details, I decided I'd get everything out do a quick flat lay for Grammy.

I won't pour much more of my heart out on the blog; but she was an amazing Grandmother who always encouraged me to create. "Do you want to make something today?" Of course I'd always say yes, and we would sew or crochet or paint or make greeting cards, she'd make me play dough from scratch on the stove, listen to me attempt to play the piano, write poems and stories... and I can still hear her saying "oh... that's so good." Words cannot express how blessed I am to have had her as my Grammy. I'll think about her, love her and miss her everyday until we're together again.

I love you Grammy.


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