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I’m basically a professional Hype Girl. 


If you’re looking for a photographer that is going to hype you up during your whole photoshoot, support you throughout your entire wedding day, build you up when you need it, and basically be your number one fan, then you’re in the right place.  

This isn’t my side hustle, this is my passion. 

I graduated from Georgetown College in 2011 with an art degree. I took most of my classes in digital art and photography. During my junior year at GC I was hired as a Graphic Artist and have worked in that field ever since. Photography has always been something that I just did, it's always been a huge part of my life. 2020 was a hard one for all of us. I think the weight of everything really inspired me to ask myself, what makes me truly happy, where is my sweet spot? That’s easy, with a camera in my hand. 


What makes me happy is capturing people at their best. 

Working with clients until we get that authentic smile, being there to document the moment the groom sees his bride for the first time, giving families a photo together that they will have for years to look back on and cherish, stopping time for a new mom who desperately wants to savor every moment with her new baby, that’s what makes me happy.


In 2020 I lost my Grammie, one of the most important people in my life. I tell you that to let you know that I have a whole new appreciation for photographs. You will never know the value of a photograph until it’s all you have. This is important, documenting your life is important, printing your photos for future generations is important. And that right there, that’s is my ‘why’.  


I do this for the future you, the kids you’ll have, your grandkids that will flip through albums with you and ask about everyone in that family photo, that will want to hear the story behind that emotional wedding day image. I do this for the couple that wants to curl up on the sofa after their anniversary dinner and relive the moment they said “I do”. I do this for the invaluable memories that would otherwise be lost to history. I can help you keep those. 


Wow, that was deep… moving on. How about a parlor game? 

The Proust  Questionnaire

What’s your motto?

Everyone started as a beginner.


Bloom of choice? 

Hydrangeas and peonies 


Last Netflix binge?

Shameless… so horrible… but amazing. 


What do you collect? 

Vintage cameras, notebooks I swear I’ll use but never do (same for planners).


Talent you wish you had? 

Is enjoying running a talent? It would be nice if I thought that was fun. 

Greatest regret? 

That I didn’t focus on photography right out of college. 


Go-to Drink? 

Sweet blackberry wine from Elk Creek


Which words of phrase do you most overuse? 

Do you know what I’m saying? (currently trying to never say that again)


On what occasion do you lie? 

Sometimes when my husband asks what I want to eat, I am actually craving something specific but I lie and say “I don’t care, you pick”.  I just don’t like to pick! Don’t judge me. 

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Absolutely amazing! Kelsey is a true talent. She not only is a fantastic photographer who can truly bring out the beauty in any photo, but she is also concerned with getting exactly what you want out of the session. I am not very creative, so when I expressed what I wanted she was able to give me ideas for poses and locations that matched my ideas. She was so patient, kind, and prepared in working with our 17 month old, too! I highly recommend her for any photography needs you have!

Kelsey Berry is amazing. She made our whole family laugh through the entire experience! She was a great communicator before and after the photo shoot, and we received our pictures incredibly fast! If you want a photographer that will capture you at your best, listen to your needs, and deliver an incredible final product, then you need Kelsey!

Our family had a great session with Kelsey. She was prompt and very professional and we could not be happier with the photos of our family. I highly suggest her for any of your photo needs. I will be using her to do my promo shots for my muisc as well. Give her a shout!!

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