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Allison + Carly's Colorful Engagement Session

Ok, these two... I'm obsessed. When I was going through their session I literally smiled the entire time, the. entire. time. Allison and Carly are just so freaking cute. I mean, look that them! They were amazing during the whole session, so natural and loving and sweet and tender and just amazing. Amazing. I mean, they brought three dogs, how fun is that!?

Carly wanted the backdrop to be nature, a field, trees, sunset. So we made that happen. She also brought some crystals and stones to the session, you'll notice those placed in her beautiful colorful hair in some of the shots. The crystals were also used to create some of the light flares in some of the photos. I loved being able to incorporate something that was special to her in the creative process. That makes the experience that much more personal and memorable.

I adored working with Allison and Carly and I cannot wait to capture their wedding day, after this session I can't even imagine how amazing the ceremony will be.

Enjoy this little sample from Allison and Carly's engagement session.

Here are some of those fun crystal shots. So. Fun.

Oh, a galaxy in her hair? No big deal... loves these.

Gosh, I love these two.


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