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Home is Where You Get Married

Kara and Bo have an absolutely beautiful home, and even though COVID-19 might have inspired them to have a backyard wedding, I honestly don't think it could have been any more beautiful if they had decided to book a venue.

I loved their attention to the little details. Each table had a photo from their engagement session at a sunflower field, along with a sweet little bouquet that included some sunflowers (Kara's favorite) and Kara's bouquet had a small charm that held a photo of her mom and dad. I'm a sucker for sentimental details.

I've said it before; but I'll say it again: backyard weddings are my favorite. I loved that Kara and Bo were able to get ready in their own bedroom, that they can always remember having their first look on their own front porch, that they will be able to celebrate anniversaries where they officially tied the knot, and that at the end of the night they were already home. I'm probably overly sentimental anyway... but I just adore how intimate and sweet these backyard ceremonies can be.

Here are some highlights from Kara and Bo's sweet wedding at their home in Lexington, Kentucky.

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