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My First "Fresh 48"

I hadn't even heard of "Fresh 48 Sessions" when I shot my first one. A friend asked to see the "fresh 48" I had shot over the weekend and I honestly thought autocorrect had done something weird on her phone.

I wrote back "lol what?" Then, embarrassed, I sent over the link.

I knew I loved the pictures... I had just gotten off the phone with my mom, telling her that they were literally my favorite photos I have taken to date. But when my friend was telling me how much she loved them... I thought "oh...I need to do more of these".

There is something about being in the room with a new mom, something magic.

The way she looks at her new baby, the way she softly caresses the baby's head as he/her nurses, the way the baby looks up at mom and there is this bond and love that transcends language. And I captured a little sliver of that, and it gave me chills.

I'm obsessed. I'm addicted. I need more.

I can't remember taking a photo that left me in awe like this session did. They are raw, and real, and unaltered, and they are warm, and intimate, and the visualization of agape. When I said I was obsessed I meant it.

Until my next "Fresh 48" I'll be looking back at these and remembering that new baby smell and the palatable affection and warmth that was contained in that room... Uh, so good.

If you're expecting, and would like to talk about a session like this please reach out. I'd love, if nothing else, to talk to you and pray with you about your new baby.


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