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Family Photos At Great Crossing Park | The Kolacinski Family

When I was asked to take some photos for the Kolacinski Family (which I can now spell without double checking) I was a little intimidated. I love working with kids; but they are a pretty large family. I was instantly intimidated by all their little faces, worried about getting everyone in focus and worried about letting this family down. Nicole mentioned they hadn't taken photos with the whole family before... no pressure! But after a couple of images with seven faces in focus, I was able to relax and enjoy the session.

The session lasted an hour... one very hot hour. It's been so hot and humid here in Kentucky, but all the kids did great. They smiled and laughed the whole time.

We met up at Great Crossing Park in Georgetown Kentucky, it's a great space for 'green' photos. The sun sets right behind the Elkhorn Creek for some beautiful golden hour images, and if you're a little ways up the walking path, you'll get more privacy away from the people swimming and fishing.

This might be my favorite image from the session, two brothers being brothers. They laughed and giggled the whole time. I love the joy on their faces. It's so important to be relaxed and have fun during your photoshoot. When everyone is enjoying themselves you get sweet little keepsakes like this one.

I came home after the session and immediately started editing. I was so excited to show them these photos. Something they can always look back on, something they will always have to mark this season in their families lives. I really am so incredibly blessed to be a part of telling their story, to be trusted to document the most important people in their lives, to be able to give them these keepsakes.

Last night, after I had finished up with editing, I just took a deep breath and thought 'this is what being fulfilled feels like'. This overwhelming sense of gratitude at the end of every session is why I love photography so much. I'm not in love with my camera, I'm in love with the people on the other side of it. I'm in love with the memories I capture, in love with the gift that photography can give families.

You can view the whole Kolacinski Family session here.


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