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An Engagement at the Henry Clay Estate

A month or so ago Kathy reached out to me... it's always a women reaching out about photos... in need of a photographer for her October wedding at Spindletop. After chatting with her for a bit, and discovering she hadn't done an engagement session yet, we booked not one date; but two. Ladies, you have to have engagement photos! It's a requirement... I think... I'm sure that's written down somewhere.

After talking about a couple of different locations, we settled on Ashland, Henry Clay Estate. It's one of the most beautiful places in Lexington Kentucky, the garden is just amazing. (If I could do we wedding over, I'd do a very small ceremony in the garden and call it a day... it's stunning)

Kathy showed up looking like a movie star. This girl had her makeup done, and was wearing this beautiful off the shoulder floral maxi dress. She really was stunning. Paul looked nice too... very handsome... but let's be honest, Kathy stole the show and Paul is a lucky man.

These two were so great to work with, we laughed the whole session. Paul had no issue pulling Kathy in close for a kiss when I asked, I think he enjoyed the session more than he thought he would! You can tell from the photos that they really enjoy each other and have a good time together.

If you're interested in having some photos taken at Henry Clay Estate you should know that you will have to purchase a photo pass for that day. Sometimes the staff is out and about and will ask to see your pass, so make sure to jump on their website and get that $25 fee squared away so your session goes smoothly. I didn't run into any staff while I was shooting; but it's always easiest to just follow the rules to avoid unnecessary interruption.

You can see Kathy and Paul's full engagement session here.


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