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Akeyla + David at Triangle Park in Lexington, KY

Last year Akeyla and David had to scale their wedding plans back to due to Covid; as a result they didn't get to have the wedding that they had been dreaming of. So, this year, we're getting it right, starting with a proper engagement session.

We met in downtown Lexington, at Triangle Park. From there we walked around a bit and found some great backdrops for photos. Lexington is full of great spots, and good shade when needed.

The weather was extremely hot and humid, I was a mess; but these two... they looked perfect for the whole shoot! Finding shade to shoot in is always preferred; but for this session is was about comfort just as much as lighting.

I loved the bright colors outside of the Explorium, it was a fun and unique spot for the session.

Never under estimate an empty parking lot, a simple alleyway or a basic concrete wall... sometimes the simpler the background the better. I'm a big believer in "less is more" and this clean block building was a great backdrop, allowing Akeyla and David to be the vocal point.

This spot was a fun find, I have no idea if its a business or home; but either way no one was there and it was a great spot for photos. What's a little light trespassing, am I right? Anything for the shot...

The landscaping did restrict the much needed breeze, so we didn't stay here long.

I'm looking forward to Akeyla and David's wedding this December. I hope it comes together just as they have envisioned and is everything they had originally hoped it would be. Enjoy some of my favorites from their session.

Downtown Lexington, Kentucky is a great option for your next photoshoot. There is a wide range of backgrounds to take advantage of and the buildings offer plenty of shade if you need to shoot earlier in the day.

If you're in need of some photos, contact me.


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