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A Kentucky Sunflower Field Engagement Session

Apparently there is a whole season between Summer and Fall that I was never aware of, Sunflower Field season. My Instagram feed has been flooded with young women, families, and couples surrounded by six foot tall flowers. So. Much. Yellow.

Kara and Bo happen to have a good friend with a farm, and the farm has not one; but two huge sunflower fields. Their September wedding will be decorated with sunflowers, so the timing... I mean season... and access to a private field was just too good to pass up.

I met Kara and Bo at a gas station off of the interstate to follow them to the farm. The road went from two lanes, to a curvy two lane with no shoulder, to one lane, to gravel, to grass... and there they were. My mouth literally dropped when I saw the thousands of flowers 'looking' at me. Looking? I mean, they do kind of seem to make eye contact... plus they are taller than me... so looking works. It was beautiful. The sky had these big perfect clouds, the temperature was pretty mild, and we had it all to ourselves! I couldn't have asked for a better day.

First we started with some poses in the middle of the field. Kara and Bo brought me a ladder to stand on, I drive a Mini... no ladder is fitting in my car. The elevated vantage point really helped me to capture them within the landscape, so we were able to take in the whole field and not just a few flowers along the edge.

This was my first session during the Kentucky Sunflower Season, and I have to say I get it... I understand the appeal. They are beautiful. It turned out to be such a romantic setting for their engagement photos.

You can view the whole gallery here.


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