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A Family Session at Ashland, Henry Clay Estate

Jessica reached out to me in need of a family session. I use the word 'need' because it's true... Jessica and her husband James have a big blended family; but they have never had family portraits taken! Well, last weekend we changed that.

We met at Ashland, Henry Clay Estate in Lexington Kentucky for their family session on a Saturday evening. Ashland is such a beautiful backdrop, the large trees, walking paths, green space, historic buildings, and a breathtaking garden offer so many options for photos.

I picked a shaded little area surrounded by trees and greenery for the session, which worked well since it was such a hot day. The garden had already closed for the evening, but Jessica had requested more 'green space' anyway... so that was perfect. Once everyone got there and got settled, we started shooting, which is the best part.

Every Family session I have four goals. 1. a beautiful image of the whole family, 2, individual photos of each child with the parents, 3. individual photos of each child alone and 4. a mini 'couple's session' for the parents. I want everyone to leave the session feeling like they had their own 'moment', their own special little session within the shoot. Especially with large families I think it's just as important that everyone be highlighted as individuals as well as the whole family having some photos together.

During the session we did all experience something new, a murder hornet. I'm not joking. I googled it. It wasn't just a huge bug... This thing fell out of a tree like a rock. I honestly thought it was something a squirrel had dropped. Nope. Murder hornet. It landed on the ground between us, and when it flew close to the ground it blew the grass down, like a very small helicopter. I didn't like it... at all. Not a fan.

I actually tried to throw a blanket over it, you know... to save the day. I thought "I'll cover it with this blanket, then I'll stomp all over the blanket and I will murder the murder hornet". Nope, fail. I threw the blanket, which it easily dodged, and then screamed as it flew toward me... #isurvivedamurderhornetattack No one was harmed at the session, not even the giant hornet unfortunately.

Anyway... back to the session. I'm so happy that Jessica trusted me with her family photos, that trust is something I am always so grateful for. These pictures of their family are keepsakes that will be cherished for the rest of their lives, and I got to be a part of them.

If you're thinking about having some family photos taken, stop thinking, just find a photographer that you enjoy and book your session. You're never once going to regret taking photos of and with your family. These images will last forever, and so will the memories you will make during your session.

You can view the whole Ewen Family session here.


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