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Amy + Ken at The Falls of the Ohio Foundation

Amy and I hit it off over a zoom call, it's so funny to think about how a couple of years ago I had never heard of Zoom; but now I'm creating meaningful relationships with this amazing tool. I'll admit, I have a love/hate relationship with Zoom, I'm so tired of it but so grateful for it at the same time.

When it came time for Amy and Ken to have their engagement session, Amy picked a spot near the water front. Gorgeous! I really loved the backdrop of the city and the bridges. There were elements of nature mixed with architecture and it made for a great session location.

I had arrived to the session early to scout around a bit and discovered a great little spot at The Falls of the Ohio. If you've not been you should check it out. We didn't get to go inside; but the exterior was amazing. The large windows reflected the sky and water beautifully, and the outer deck had benches and a wonderful elevated view of the area.

Amy and Ken tie the knot this September and I am so exited to be a part of their wedding. I can't wait to capture more of this great couple.


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