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Anna & Donell's Maternity Session

When Anna reached out to me about doing a maternity session about a month or so ago I was instantly excited. In a way it felt like Christmas, I was almost counting days until the shoot. I love pregnancy, I'm the person who always tells the pregnant stranger she looks beautiful. I've always thought that motherhood was this amazing miracle... even though the thought of having children myself is terrifying, I love when other people are having babies!

We talked about what type of session she wanted, and looked at a few locations. Anna decided to go with Jacobson Park in Lexington, Kentucky. These trees in Jacobson Park are pretty iconic for photos, they have such a calm, relaxing, quiet, still vibe. I thought it was perfect for this shoot, and the green really made her blue dress stand out. When I got there I walked around a little to explore the area and I found this little path of pine needles with greenery on either side, which added to the natural symmetry of the session. This was a a little walk from where I had parked; but it's always worth walking around and scouting the best spot.

We met up at 6:30pm to shoot, and it was almost 90 degrees outside. I had packed a little cooler with water, but it was still so muggy out. The trees were not only beautiful, but they offered some nice shade and a little escape from the direct sun. Before this shoot I purchased a folding wagon to take with me on sessions. It really came in handing when I brought the cooler, some towels, and all my gear. I highly recommend a wagon, best money I've spent in a long time.

Credit to Donell for picking up his bride like a freaking hero and sitting her on this tree stump. She looks like a fairy or something. I should have photoshopped her some wings on. She's just casually making a human while sitting on a tree stump in 100 degree weather looking like a goddess... no big deal.

I hope that Anna and Donell love these images as much as I do. They are a beautiful couple, and I know they are going to be amazing parents. I can't wait to meet their little boy and watch him grow up. (We all go to the same church, so I'll see them every Sunday, I'm not going to like stalk them or anything haha)

I feel so honored to have been asked to take these photos, to be trusted to capture this season in their lives is a big deal to me. It means so much. I feel that way about all of my clients, an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I'm grateful for the opportunity to help each of them tell their story, to give them a moment in their life to look back on. I love my job.

You can view the full session here.


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